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Logo for Rachel Ann Gage     Hope. Inspiration. Joy. Possibility. Now, more than ever, these beautiful qualities are essential to helping us understand and appreciate life as both a gift and an adventure to be enjoyed and experienced to the fullest! Rachel Gage is passionate about this message and is committed to helping audiences of all ages discover their true selves and passions, create goals and dreams, and map out the steps to transform those dreams into the realities of their own life stories. Through her energetic personality and dynamic presentations, Rachel emphasizes a positive, empowering message of self-acceptance and gratitude, encouraging her audiences to pursue healthy risks and embrace the promises of joy and possibility in their lives.


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Rachel's array of uplifting messages can be tailored and personalized to match a variety
of groups, from schools to businesses and teens to adults.
 Topics include:

•  Transforming Dreams into Reality  •  Goal Setting  •  Living with Courage
•  Encouragement & Positive Thinking  •  Mentoring & Leadership
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